The Wisbech Society

and Preservation Trust Limited

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by Mark Richardson

Thanks to a donation of £2,000 from Wisbech Society, and a further contribution of £750 from Fenland District Council, several memorials in the Wisbech Cemetery have been restored by stonemason Gary Manning.


Whilst undertaking this work, Mr Manning uncovered pieces of other structures in the ground, so more work needs to be done in future.


Sarah Ledger, secretary of the Friends of Wisbech General Cemetery, said "It's such an important part of the social history of Wisbech so it's important it is done and done properly."


Society chairman Brian Payne, who presented the cheque to the Friends, said "It's important the cemetery is kept clean and tidy and is above all respected by the people of Wisbech." Photograph courtesy of the Wisbech standard.


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