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Wisbech Society and Preservation Trust Ltd was formed in 1939 to stimulate local interest in the preservation of the architectural beauty of the town and to encourage the creation of good modern buildings that generations to come will consider worthy of preservation. Comprised entirely of volunteers and funded by membership subscriptions, donations, grants and bequests it has, for over  80 years, made a major contribution to the preservation and improvement of the heritage of the town. The Society believes that if we want to improve our town, we have to make every effort to do so.

Trustees were responsible for the inception of the High Street project, providing a £25,000 grant to the project as well as many hours of volunteer time, which acted as a catalyst to the obtaining of National Lottery Heritage Fund and local authority funds to improve the sadly neglected buildings in the High Street, where work has now commenced. The £4 million raised for this project is money obtained specifically to restore and improve the High Street for the benefit of Wisbech’s people and economy. This money would not be coming to Wisbech were it not for the efforts of a team including Wisbech Society, Fenland District Council and Wisbech Town Council.


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